Fortune Weavers Realty Testimonials

I’ve purchased a property in spring of 2018 with Branden’s help.

It is my first real estate purchase, and his expertise really made it effortless. What I love about Branden is that he will help you weigh out the pros and cons on each property, and give his honest opinion — no sugar coating. I value his opinion highly because he is also an investor himself. I am also impressed with the speed and quality of his service. If you’re looking for a realtor who is honest and also has experience, look no further. I will have Branden help me again, with my second purchase soon.

Jully P

Branden is the kind of realtor you would want.

He is not one who is only after the business but goes ABOVE AND BEYOND to be of service and sincerely looks after your interest. I could say that I found a true friend in my realtor! Kudos Branden for a job well done!👍

Josie L

Branden did an exceptional job for my wife and I.

It was our first home purchase and Branden was extremely patient, organized and knowledgeable regarding OC/LA real estate. After viewing many homes with Branden we finally found the perfect house, he truly had our best interest in mind and we never felt pressured at any point of the transaction. I'd highly recommend Branden and we look forward to working with him in the future.

Philip T

Branden is an experienced and knowledgeable real estate professional.

He is very patient and responds to questions and inquiries quickly. We are so grateful to Branden for guiding us through the real estate industry. If you're looking for a realtor, look no further! Branden is your guy!

Sunshine C

I strongly recommend , if you have opportunity to work with Brandon Chhour, for your Real-Estate needs do so for your-shake .

I have had the distinct opportunity to work with Brandon on two large Real-Estate deals this year and I can not say enough about his market insight and knowledge coupled with his great care and attention to detail, the Ultimate professional! Also, his demeanor ,personality ,rational nature and sense of humor further adds to the pleasure it has been to work with him and I look forward to continue to work with him. Best regards, Rudy Tapia

Rudy T

Branden is an ultimate professional who puts the needs and wants of his clients first.

Pleasure working with him and would highly recommend him to all potential buyers and sellers. It was fantastic working with you on the purchase of my new home and I want to formally express my gratitude for all your efforts and consideration. You brought not only professionalism and patience to my search and purchase, but also insight and knowledge. Together these qualities equated to my trust in you and confidence in my decisions every step of the way. For the negotiations, inspections and closing you exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Branden.

Xyra O

Branden does a great job.

He got me almost $100,000 more on my last home sales that's way I'm using him again on my current house 2 👍👍 up

Abel A

Experience was first class.

Branden went above and beyond what was expected from him to get us the perfect house. We were able to get the price of the house down considerably from the initial asking price due to Branden’s knowledge of the real estate market of the community. We couldn’t have been more happy and don’t regret it one bit. The whole process from the negotiation to escrow, it went by smoothly without a hitch. I highly recommend his services and wouldn’t think twice about using him again.

Joseph S

Branden did an amazing job with the sale of my property in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Insightful recommendations on the market, comparative homes, and overall strategy, all resulted in multiple offers with final selling price above our initial listing. Branden works hard for you, and knows how to guide/coach along the way for the best possible outcome.

Patrick M

Branden was easy to work with and very reliable.

He brought insight about the neighborhoods we were looking at that we did not know. He also gave us his experienced opinion when needed (e.g. fair offers, etc.). Branden also experienced a big personal event during our closing and still was very present, checked-in often, and we didn't notice any drop in service.

Puja A

When it was time for me to look for my own place, Branden did a phenomenal job in finding the right place for me.

He listened to what I wanted and needed, and provided me with different choices that fit most of my wish list. He is professional, honest, made sure my expectations were realistic, and guided me in every step of the home buying process. He made sure to follow up with me, and with the other people involved in the purchase of my home. The home buying process went smoothly. He even went above and beyond in helping me look for a handyman as my place needed some work. I highly recommend Branden as a home broker. If you are looking into buying property, I suggest giving Branden a call. You will not be disappointed. Thank you again Branden for all your help!

Fatima M

Great realtor, communicates with client and has clients best interest in mind.

Roderick L

It is a pleasure to recommend Branden Chhuor as a real estate agent for any individual or family looking to purchase or sell a home.

He is a highly attentive agent. He returns all calls and emails the same day. Also, he listens to what your specific needs are. Does not waste your time. A master with contract negotiations! He is hands down the best in the business in my opinion.

Marilyn A

Branden helped us with our first home purchase.

He made the home buying incredibly easy and smooth. He was very patience and answered our MANY questions and concerns. We are extremely grateful that we had Branden as our agent and will definitely use him for all our future home purchases.

Halinna K

There is no shortage of real estate agents in Los Angeles.

It seems that everyone and their sister does real estate as a side hustle. My wife and I had two real estate agents before going to Branden, and both of them were clearly only half invested in our home search. That's one thing that seperates Branden from the rest; Branden's sole priority is real estate. You can tell from his track record and current development deals, that Branden is fully focused on his craft. As first time home buyers, Branden is the kind of professional me and my wife needed to navigate the difficult housing market of Los Angeles What truly sets Branden apart is not his knowledge of area prices, predictions of economic trends, or negotiation power. It's the attention to his relationship with the client. Even the two amatures we tried before Branden could fake the economic stuff. But interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence are qualities that can't be learned over-night from Google. Branden's social acumen has been developed through years of experience with dozens if not a hundred clients. He knows exactly how to tell a pregnant woman (my wife) disappointing news from the sellers, or crack a joke to lighten the mood if husband and wife are in disagreement. Most important, Branden has an incredible turn around time when it comes to e-mails. (Even when he was out of town for a family matter, he still responded to our messages promptly.) These may not seem like important points to the uninitiated, but when you're at wits end during the house hunt, these little moments go a long way in keeping your sanity. Overall, Branden is focused on clients, talented at closing deals, and always has a smile. Don't hesitate to make Branden Chhuor your real estate agent.

Travis C

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